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Ayaz Nizami

Ayaz Nizami is an ex-Muslim and ex religious scholar. As he belongs to a muslim family,He developed a strong attachment towards his faith and wanted to pursue religious studies after conventional schooling. He selected a school for Islamic studies and got admitted there to pursue his passion. During his scholastic pursuit, he came across several questions that challenge the authenticity of the faith and make him doubt the authenticity of the religious teachings. Despite all those challenges, he continued to move forward and completed his degree. Tafseer, Principles of Tafseer, Hadith, Principles of Hdith, Fiqh. Principles of fiqh, Arabic language (grammar, vocabulary, and literature), philosophy & logic were his subjects and prime areas of concentration.
Studying Islam deeply and closely opened his eyes and he realized Islam and other Abrahamic faiths are nothing diving but a mere creation of human brain and are a bi-product of culture and civilizations in the world especially the Middle East. After realizing the reality of faith, he took it upon himself to educate and enlighten his fellow countrymen and share his findings with them. his mission is just to spread the truth and knowledge without seeking a reward or having any hidden agenda.
In 2012 He has a major role in starting and maintaining the Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan.
He started a Urdu website name in 1st January 2013 with the help of a team of like-minded people and wrote several articles that highlights the dark side of religion.

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