Fauzia Ilyas received the ‘International Atheist of the Year 2017’ award

AAAP is very pleased to announce that Fauzia Ilyas received the ‘International Atheist of the Year 2017’ award. Fauzia received the award jointly along with Michael Nugent of the Atheist Ireland.

The ‘International Atheist of the Year’ award  has been awarded since 2014 at the Polish Days of Atheism, which involves an international conference on Atheism and secularism and an annual commemoration of the execution for Atheism of 17th century Polish philosopher Kazimierz Lyszczynski.

It is awarded by a jury of atheist activists from different countries. It is intended to recognize and encourage the promotion of Atheism and secularism, and international cooperation between atheist and secular organisations.

Fauzia dedicated her award to #FreeAyazNizami

Previous recipients are:
2014 – Maryam Namazie, Council Ex-Muslims of Britain
2014 – Sanal Edamaruku, Indian Rationalist Association
2015 – Waleed el-Husseini, Palestinian writer
2016 – Mario Ramadan, Freethought LebanonCongratulations Fauzia from all the members and supporters of AAAP on this much deserved award.