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La Iqraha Fid Deen.No Compulsion in Religion

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By: Syeda Maida
In Pakistan, intolerance especially in the matter of religion is on extreme.
Atheists, Rationalist, Apostates, freethinker or those who questioning the validity of claims need to hide their beliefs identity secretly even from their own family and friends, In case someone gets to know their life put on the line between life and death or they get the hell out of the country. If in case they get a chance to have a lawyer,If courts are impartial,If any western Government would open their borders for them.There is Big If.Many innocent people were/are faced the consequences of inhuman laws In Pakistan, which is totally unfair for those who can think above the sky.
Sadly, when Pakistan founded this has nothing to do being an Islamic country, the Quaid (founding the father of the nation) declared the country safe for all religions and stated that religion will be a personal matter and the state will stay away from it. But since the times of Zia-ul-Haq, the military dictator who tried to establish an Islamic State in Pakistan, intolerance has grown by leaps and bounds and spread extremist religious branches all over the country and no one dares to trim the tree of extremism till yet.
Blasphemy laws were introduced through sections 295-B and 295-c of the Pakistan penal code during the dictator of general Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in 1986. Zia-ul Haq was introduced separate electorate for the religious minorities, a moved badly opposed by human rights wings.
Add to that the generally illiterate and over stressed masses of the country, who could not get knowledge of the other world are get offended soon in general discussions and debates. Pakistan has blasphemy laws and enforces them bureaucratically, not brutally, like some other more hardcore Islamic republics or kingdoms. However, the danger is from extremist elements of society always be there. Unfortunately, Mullah mindset high jacked the two nation theory with their different interpretations and in Zia-ul-Haq regime, the dream of a great Muhammad Iqbal and millions contributor who pay their own sacrificial blood for a progressive Pakistan turned into a nightmare.
The atheists in Pakistan who belong to the elite intellectual class have a chance to escape from the extremist elements but those who do not belong to the privileged class,problems for them are many folds.
Islam is the state religion of Pakistan. It sucks someone can’t come out openly in society and changed religious identity for the rest of life if wants to live in an Islamic regime like Pakistan,Saudi,Iran,Bangladesh and many others Islamic state.
What happens when books become someone eyes and lot of questioning and significant reading which finally turned out all of the basic beliefs which we were taught when the mind was blank. Beliefs are only thoughts that we think are true and thoughts can always be changed if someone learned to believe the things are non-supportive or not real. In mostly Islamic doctrine regime the human development recline on fix or fundamental principals, unless the scientifically proven theories are defines human mind can’t stop thinking about one fix point and development is utmost compulsory, learning new things not only broadens the horizons, it gives brain something different to think about and can understand the universe in different perspectives. In Pakistan, books are banned which are thoughts provoking and contains difference school of thoughts, but still there seem to be the people who have the ability to doubt, to think, and to reshape the lives, hard but there is a little rays of sunlight exist and focusing on them can be beneficiary for the future generation.
Basic beliefs create the quality of life, like theologians strongly belief that everything had been written in someone destiny, Such beliefs create the  influences on human minds and people without knowing the truth and reasoning put all of the life incidents problems upon the supernatural deity.
In Pakistan, people mostly like to communicate in daily life with reference to religion and how Allah is blessing someone or putting someone in trouble for taking a test.
If someone wants to rewrite or re-pattern life with his own way after knowing of his capacity and strength why religious boundaries go against them or God get annoyed like a jealous freak, There is big Why? How can God be so Naive? How God gave us such pattern of life which has no flexibility? Everyone has a different story of life. These questions often offend the theologian’s especially in Islamic doctrine regime and instead they need to encourage rational healthy mindfulness discussions in society, they drag unaware, frustrated, depressed masses towards violence for their own religious trademarks. So how do a rational or free thinkers can breathe in such polluted air, they feel like an imposter, an outsider, in their own country, in their house, in their city, Relations to which they believed they loved him unconditionally turned into hostility. Why and where from they get  such theories who taught them grievance for so many years instead of respecting mutual diversity between Muslims and non-Muslims or believer or non-believer. Freedom of thought to freedom of speech is the one solution of stiffness. The religious sculptures was always be used as a tool for massaging the egos of proud individuals.
The belief in religion is so ubiquitous in Pakistan. God interfering is in schools, colleges, universities in a way that “religious wisdom” is being thought by professors and teachers wherever they see fit(except for the explicit content and barbaric Parts, of course, most of the Muslims do not even know about them).
The Quran states there is no compulsion in religion.
If any Muslim slew another, It would be as if he slew the world entirely, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as he saved the world entire.
Is this verse refers only to Muslims killing other Muslims or universally? If It can implement universally then why Christens, Ahmadies, minorities communities, non-believers or those who wants to leave religion boundaries are invariably persecuted under Islamic state blasphemy laws, more predominantly in Pakistan, Iran, and Saudis Arabia. Neither we ever witness a permanent ceasefire or worldwide peace with any Islamic country.
States role should be confined like a mother who can execute the law of  Love, care, respect and comfort for all its citizens with equal justifying manners without any prejudice about colour, class, creed or religion than universal peace can be an achievable content. As a patriotic Pakistani, I strongly agree with many others my country fellows who are doing their best in different fields in the world,In Pakistan blasphemy laws are unjustifiable. The state should be a secular whose machinery functions have to work for respect between their citizens either Muslims or non-Muslims without any But and if.
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